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Dr Adarsh Syamaprasad is a MOH/HAAD licensed medical practitioner who is specialized in Ayurvedic Medicine. After completing his graduation in Ayurveda Medicine from Rajiv Gandhi university,Bangalore,India he practiced with well-known Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala such as Bhavani Ayurveda Hospital (Trv), SN Ayurveda college(QLN), under prominent figures in the field of Ayurveda education, research and treatments.

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Health Coaches look at exercise, eating, wellness, and food not just as calories and weight loss, but also on mental, physical, and spiritual terms.

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Lumbar Spondylosis Lumbar Spondylosis is yet another age-related degenerative condition that affects the lumbar vertebrae or the lower spine. In case of lumbar spondylosis, the space between the discs in the lumbar spine becomes narrowed, resulting in a variety of health issues ranging from low back pain to neurological conditions. This usually occurs after the

Cervical Spondylosis   Just like you age, your bones do too. Cervical spondylosis is the name for your aged neck. When you age, your joints and bone in your neck, called the cervical spine, weaken mostly due to wear and tear over the years. So, it is basically osteoarthritis that affects your neck. It causes

What is Erectile Dysfunction? Reasons? Erectile dysfunction is inability to keep or develop an erection of penis during intercourse. Many people still believe that it is due to physical reasons such as regular body wearing process, but not due to any psychological or personality problems. According to Ayurvedic medicine it is a combination of both


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