We saw many patients suffering from thyroid disorders, tried every kind of treatment available but have not able to find the right solution to their thyroid symptoms.


Thyroid disease is very prevalent in todays world,courtesy of a number of different life style factor.


Ancient ayurvedic sagas gave us a holy gift of ayurvedic principle for trouble free life. These ayurvedic principles not only prevent thyroid disease but also cure the thyroid disorder from root cause.


Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicinal practice, terms the bio-chemical (metabolism) process as ‘agni,’ responsible for all the activities inside the body, up to the cellular level.


Thyroid function is attributed by Dhatwagni. Basal metabolic rate of body is regularized by Dhatwagni and Jatharagni.




Dysfunction of thyroid gland due to following reason; (According to modern science )


  1. Improper diet which lead to lack of nutrition
  2. Stress
  3. Lack of sensible exercise
  4. Pregnancy and menopause at higher risk due to hormonal shifting.
  5. Lack of sleep


Thyroid gland regulate our body metabolism along with this plays vital role in  temperature regulation, release catacolamine,feel good hormones.


One of our hormone doesn’t work at its peak efficiency then all other hormones like Growth hormones,Insulin ,Estrogen etc suffer too.


It disturbs Vitamin & mineral synthesis.Therefore our fat metabolism ,calcium absorption, sleeping pattern mood stabilizer, alertness everything suffer.


Diet regimen for Thyroid :

Ayurveda attributes the cause of thyroid disease to the imbalance of tri-doshas caused by climatic conditions, impure water intake, in-nutritious foods and unhealthy dietary habits along with disturbance in dinacharya.


Ayurveda also focus how to maintain thyroid function by regulating metabolism of your body by following healthy diet and exercise.


Ayurvedic medicines are advised for couple of months to bring back the TSH level to normal without hormonal supplements.


Basic tips for diet:

  • Eating fresh food,wholesome food,eating in peace.
  • Avoid soup (over cooked food)
  • Whole fruit instead of juice,eat atleast one fruit daily.
  • Eating food rich in fibre,vege.
  • Eat regularly,never skip lunch and dinner and divide your meal into 3-4 meals.
  • Throw out fast food,junk food-crisp,chocolate,biscuit,potato,white rice,white bread,pasta,dairy products,frozen food,processed meat.
  • Finish your last meal at least 2 hrs prior to sleeping.
  • Exercise is non-negoitable, unless you exercise,you will never see enough of results, despite of all your good eating habits.”


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