Importance of a strong immune system

What a challenging time it has been, with our immune system facing the greatest challenge of all. If the virus has shown us anything it is our vulnerability to unknown pathogens. As viruses and other environmental pathogens tend to live amongst us, now more than ever we have realized the importance of having a strong […]



Abhyangam for Skin is a simple way to feel pampered and relaxed while deeply nourishing the skin. This ancient Ayurvedic practice nourishes the seven different layers of the skin, as well as the seven different types of body tissue. It is considered ayushkar—conducive to longevity and more specifically, twak-dardhya—helping to increase the firmness of the skin. Further, […]

Detox Program – What Is Detoxification?

An Ayurvedic detox can have several benefits and can drastically help you rejuvenate, improve metabolism, and also help improve fertility. If practiced correctly, a detox can allow you to see significant changes and help you attain your desired goals. A natural and proven technique, this is one of the safest forms of a cleanse and […]

Obesity Treatment  – Weight loss Slimming Programme

Obesity is the excessive accumulation of body fat that can cause health problems. It is a medical condition that can lead to other diseases like DM, CVD, high B.P. etc Obesity develops gradually as a result of inactive lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, lack of physical activity and other causes include genetics, medical reasons,  psychological factors. […]

Ayurvedic Massage – Say Goodbye To All Your Body Pains! 


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